About us

The natural language processing group in Ehime University is studying Natural Language Processing (NLP), or computational linguistics. We are also studying machine learning to solve many problems in NLP.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Maybe, the word “Natural Language Processing (NLP)” is not familiar to many people. “Natural Languages” are the languages used by human beings in daily life for communicating with each other by talking, discussing, writing and reading; English, Japanese, French, German and etc. are all natural languages. NLP is a technical term, which means technologies and research fields for processing natural languages by computers. NLP researchers are studying methods for analyzing structures of sentences and documents and methods for automatically acquiring knowledge from documents, and developing useful systems based on NLP technologies. In the application fields of NLP, we study automatic translation (a.k.a. machine translation), automatic summarization, document classification (e.g., spam filtering), dialogue systems, question answering systems, sentiment analysis, and so on.


In our daily life, we use natural languages when we communicate with each other, acquire knowledge and disseminate information. Most of media including books, web pages, blogs, wikipedia, twitter, mails and documents are all written in natural languages. On the internet, we also use natural languages to acquire knowledge and disseminate information. Don’t you think it is interesting and challenging to extract knowledge and information from these media and develop some intelligent NLP systems that supports access to these media? Our group is studying technologies for processing natural language media, and is aiming at developing intelligent systems and user interfaces based on NLP technologies.